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About us

Alia Khalifa Al Suwaidi Law Firm and Legal Consultation has launched since its establishment as legal expertise since 2011 and as a national institution in the United Arab Emirates (Emirate of Sharjah and the Emirate of Dubai) with a steady focus on the quality of its legal services to be a specialized office to provide information and legal advice in light of the circumstances in the areas of life. From the various legal needs of commercial establishments and others

Our Value

We are able, God willing, to achieve results that satisfy our customers in a way that fully complies with the requirements and needs of our customers and with high international standards.

Our message

The office is keen to provide legal services in a timely manner, while adhering to standards of integrity, transparency and excellence in providing legal services.

our vision

It is to help people, entities and commercial companies to obtain and consolidate their legal rights in the best possible way and to make them accessible to all.

Why Alia Khalifa Al Suwaidi office !

We have a carefully selected team of experienced legal professionals from different nationalities, as we strive to provide the best level of service with high capacity and efficiency. Our office members are distinguished by their integrity, diligence, hard work and ability to assess legal situations and provide services effectively and quickly, which is coupled with our ability to find innovative solutions to any difficulties.


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